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XMLDomWrapper no longer working?


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I've been trying to find a way to write to an XML file, and I came across the wrapper for XML. But, I can't seem to get it to work?

#include <_XMLDomWrapper.au3>

_XMLFileOpen(@DesktopDir & "\test.xml")
$value = _XMLGetAttrib('//Variables/Variable[@Name="DataUploadCompleted"]', 'Value')
IniWrite("C:\Users\Gaming\Desktop\New Weather App\test.ini", "Test", "datauploadkeyname", $value)

This was pulled from an example on here, and it should work fine. The problem is when I run it, I get the following error

Missing separator character after keyword.: 
googleSearch^ ERROR
*** EDIT ***
Apparently, the wrapper I found had some added text to it.. that wasn't suppose to be there. Thanks
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