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Expected a "=" operator in assignment statement when it exists

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Whenever I try to run the following function
Func _P2P_Stop_Node()
    For $x = 0 to $max_connections step 1
        $Socket_Handle_array[$x] = -1
        $Node_Identifier_array[$x] = -1
        $Node_IP_array[$x] = -1
        $Node_Peer_Reachable_list[$x] = -1
    $max_connections = 0
    $Listening_Socket = ""
    $node_IP = ""
    $node_Port = ""
    $node_Identifier = -1
    $node_ext_IP = ""
    $Bootstrap_mode = ""
    $Bootstrap_max = 0
    $connectfunc = ""
    $recievefunc = ""
    $disconnectfunc = ""
    $newconnectionfunc = ""
    $messagefunc = ""
    $auxfunc = ""
    if $console_out = True then ConsoleWrite( @CRLF & "P2P_: Engine shutdown successful.")
I get this error:
Y:SIMNetworkingp2p.au3 (199) : ==> Expected a "=" operator in assignment statement.:
$Socket_Handle_array[$x] = -1
$Socket_Handle_array^ ERROR
There is clearly an = operator in the function, but for some reason the script is not detecting it?
(I'm using the latest beta)
Or am I missing something?
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Just guessing, but it looks like it is actually complaining about $Socket_Handle_array. Are you sure this is an array?

They're all arrays, and it complains about all of them. I was able to get it to function as desired by removing the array denoter, and just assigning the value of the whole variable to -1, then re-creating them as arrays when needed again. Though I should be able to set all the array values to -1, I don't know why it won't work that way.

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There is not nearly enough there for us to help you.  You need to post "workable" code.

As is, we are unable to run this function, and you have variables that seem to be magically defined outside of it....LOTS of variables...

I'd suggest passing in params, and including the line counts on the paste, so we can see context...give us code that works.

Number 4:


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Does this give you the same error message?

Global $Socket_Handle_array[2], $max_connections = 1
For $x = 0 To $max_connections Step 1
    $Socket_Handle_array[$x] = -1

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
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