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Internet Explorer 11 Inline Download Message

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I'll try to catch the 'inline' download window 'Do you want to open or save..'

Cannot figured out how.

Tryed with WinGetHandle/ControlGetHandle  (opt("WinTitleMatchMode",2)Opt("WinSearchChildren", 1) )

but no success.

Only some 'blind' ControlSend {tab]..{enter} forces a download.



a downloadfile is generated 'onClick'.

I need to measure the time between 'Click' and the file is available.
Additional steps would be to get the filename from the ''Do you want to open or save...' and press the save button.

Any hints?

Thank you,


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kaimelzer, This UI Automation >example creates an event handler (UI Automation structure change event handler) which waits for the IE9, IE10 or IE11 notification bar to show up. If the notification bar contains a Save button the button is clicked and the notification bar closed. If not the notification bar is closed.

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