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How do I download a webpage AFTER client side code is executed w/o using IE?

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  • Note that I don't want to use IE, I want to use Chrome. I know IE will do this.
  • inetget/inetgetsource won't work because the data I'm interested in is loaded after the client side is displayed.
  • WinHttp won't work, I've spoken with the UDF developer (trancexx) about it already
  • I'd REALLY like to avoid using send or controlsend ("^s") but that's all I can come up with currently.


I believe there is a "pageloaded" event in javascript but I don't know anything about java and I don't know how to incorporate it into an AutoIt script. 

Thanks in advance guys. 

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Displayed in what?

Displayed in Chrome (I think that's what you're asking).

I'm saying that inetget grabs the data from the server but the data I'm interested in happens after the page is loaded in Chrome (or IE, Firefox, whatever). If I load the page, hit ctrl+s and save the page then search for the links I'm after in the saved file they are there but if I inetget the page and search the saved file the links aren't there. 

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