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How does ImageSearch locate the image?


Go to solution Solved by AutID,

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 Does it begin searhing for 0, 0 in the top left and move left to right, down, left to right, down?

Or does it search nearest to cursor first?

Any input on this will be extremely helpful, thank you :)


I hope it is okay I made a new thread for this, my last one was about an error I was having with getting the imagesearch function to work period, I didn't want to edit the title out and things in case someone else has the same error, so they can find my thread and maybe figure it out based on my jumble of words xD haa.

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Normally it is from left to right and from top to bottom but you can change. Changing it would help to speed up the whole process.

You are right, I thought of a way to do a quick test with my desktop icons :D. Left to right, top to bottom is perfect for my plans too :)

As far as I know imagesearch code is open source and linked to in several posts in the imagesearch thread.

Best to look there.

Thank you, I took a look at the code in the include folder, but I wasn't sure and thought it would be easier to just ask, until I thought of the test :D.

Anyway, sorry for the spam thread lol. I don't like waiting so I keep trying to figure it out while I wait for an answer :)

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