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Need someone to create GUI that will calculate from spreadsheet

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I have a spreadsheet I use for my business that calculates my cost to build a given project. The spreadsheet has many calculations and I would like to be able to have a GUI for my salespeople to just enter information about the project and it fills those cells that do the calculations.

Any ideas? Thank you!

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I'm sure that there are better ways, but here's an example:

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>;ws_vscroll
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>;gui_event_close
local $fieldmax= 10, $aField[$fieldmax][2];[0]data, [1]label cause I'm ass backwards
local $labellen= 100
local $fieldlen= 200
local $textheight= 20
enum $eFirstname, $eLastname, $eMiddlename, $eAddress, $ePhone;count with me: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.  0= eFirstname

$aField[$eFirstname][1]= "First Name"; <v - - << Define labels for user
$aField[$eLastname][1]= "Last Name"
$aField[$eMiddlename][1]= "Middle Name"
$aField[$eAddress][1]= "Street Address"
$aField[$ePhone][1]= "Phone Number"

$hgui= guicreate("Data for you", 600, 480);create gui dialog window
for $i= 0 to $fieldmax-1
    $aField[$i][1]= guictrlcreatelabel($aField[$i][1], 10, 10+$i*$textheight+5, $labellen, $textheight);make labels
    $aField[$i][0]= guictrlcreateedit("", 10+$labellen+15, 10+$i*$textheight, $fieldlen, $textheight, $WS_VSCROLL);make edit fields for user input
$filemenu= guictrlcreatemenu("&File");create File menu
$fileexit= guictrlcreatemenuitem("&Exit", $filemenu);add exit command to File menu
guisetstate();show the gui window dialog

    $msg= guigetmsg();assign messages from dialog window to msg
    switch $msg;react to dialog messages
        case $fileexit;command: menubar file, exit
    sleep(10);don't over heat idk
until $msg= $gui_event_close;until the top right close 'x' button clicked
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