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Controlsend to an Application in the background

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Is that thing described in my title possible?

I tried the following code:

ControlSend("Presentation1 - Microsoft PowerPoint", "", "", "Hey!")

If I'm running this while watching the ScITE windows it doesn't work. If I press F5 and instantly ALT+TAB to the Powerpoint, it works. Is it possible to automate background apps?


I tried to use

ControlSend("[CLASS:PPTFrameClass]", "", "", "Hey!")

But it still does the same effect :)

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Oh, I thought If I skip it, it will send it generally to the window :) Okay, I just changed it to:

ControlSend("[CLASS:PPTFrameClass]", "", "[CLASS:mdiClass]", "Hey!")

And it works now :) [Except that the ! means ALT, I have to use raw mode]

Thanks, my fault :P

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