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Launching AutoIT script at windows startup


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Hi There,

With my previous post I got some assistance to get my script working and tested it out too. Now what I wanted is to get this script running while user logs into the workstation. 

What is the recommended way, will the .au3 script itself runs automatically if I put it into the startup folder or do I have to complie it into an exe?? I'm not sure whether the virus protection will identify it as a threat. So I want this to be executed when logging in.

How can I achieve this..?? Any advise will be great.

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You could have a compiled script in startup to either shellexecute or run the other script. or just compile your script.

Have you tested any of the questions you asked?


Hey there! Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did test & did some tweak on dropbox, the .au3 script itself starts up after locating it within windows start up directory. Pretty straight forward. I had to ask this question because the scripts weren't firing soon after the user logs in. Now its working. :)

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