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I didn't want to necropost here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

Using the XML wrapper in the link above (also attached here), how can I enumerate the names within a section in the XML file?

Lets say I want to extract all of the setting names inside the below XML, I try using the function _XMLGetAllAttrib but there is no result. I was expecting that $a_names would contain the attribute names.

#include <array.au3>
#include <XMLDomWrapper.au3>

Global Const $sConfigFile = @ScriptDir & "\test.xml"
If Not FileExists($sConfigFile) Then
    $sErrorMsg = "Configuration File FolderMenu.xml Does Not Exist." & @LF & "Default Configuration File Is Used." & @LF
    MsgBox(4096, "", $sErrorMsg)
If _XMLFileOpen($sConfigFile) = -1 Then
    $sErrorMsg &= "Error opening " & $sConfigFile & "."
    MsgBox(4096, "", $sErrorMsg)

Global $a_Names[1]
Global $a_Values[1]

$a_Return = _XMLGetAllAttrib("SysSettings/SystemSpecific/MODEL/NICPowerSettings", $a_Names, $a_Values, "Setting")

If @error = -1 Then
    MsgBox(4096, "Error", $a_Return)
    _ArrayDisplay($a_Names, "Names")
    _ArrayDisplay($a_Values, "Values")
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                <Setting Name="PMARPffload" Value="*PMARPOffload,REG_SZ,0"></Setting>
                <Setting Name="PMNSOffload" Value="*PMNSOffload,REG_SZ,0"></Setting>
                <Setting Name="WakeOnMagicPacket" Value="*WakeOnMagicPacket,REG_SZ,0"></Setting>
                <Setting Name="WakeOnPattern" Value="*WakeOnPattern,REG_SZ,0"></Setting>
                <Setting Name="EEELinkAdvertisement" Value="EEELinkAdvertisement,REG_SZ,0"></Setting>
                <Setting Name="ReduceSpeedOnPowerDown" Value="ReduceSpeedOnPowerDown,REG_SZ,0"></Setting>




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Check your XPATH in the _XMLGetAllAttrib function call.  Try this.


You could also just go with this as well.  Just using the full XPATH without the last parameter.  

$a_Return = _XMLGetAllAttrib("/SysSettings/SystemSpecific/MODEL/NICPowerSettings/Setting", $a_Names, $a_Values)

Also, if you use Notepad++, download the XML Tools plug-in.  It is very helpful when working with XPATH queries on an XML file.  



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Thank you, AdamUL. The leading "/" was the key.

Now the return is populated but only by one record (the last one). Maybe I'm not understanding the function - I thought it would return an array of all the setting names.

But I can work with this, I can query the count of the child nodes, then parse each one in turn with_XMLGetAllAttribIndex and act on it. I will try to test this further tomorrow.

$a_Count = _XMLGetChildNodes("/SysSettings/SystemSpecific/MODEL/NICPowerSettings")
$Idx = $a_Count[0] -1
For $i= 1 to $a_Count[0]
    $a_Return = _XMLGetAllAttribIndex("/SysSettings/SystemSpecific/MODEL/NICPowerSettings/", $a_Names, $a_Values, $a_Count[$i], $Idx)
    $Idx = ($Idx - 1)

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Your welcome, glad I could help.  I believe this function has some issues.  

This UDF needs a lot of updating, at least to me.  i am currently working on project that deals with a lot of XML files.  To make my work easier, I'm currently working on updating this UDF to make it possible to work with multiple XML files at the same time.  I'm also working on determining how the functions work, if they do what they say they will do, and determine if some are even needed.  For some things, it is easier to work with the DOM's properties and methods directly.  I plan on adding the updated UDF library to Example Scripts, when I finish updating it.   

Here is the DOM Reference, if you are interested.  



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I would be very interested to see an updated version of this UDF. Unfortunately I'm still something of an amateur and so can't really be of any help.

Always carry a towel.

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Here is the DOM Reference, if you are interested. 


i would really appreciate *.chm version of this manual... maybe someone can provide it?..

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