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Record events/states without mouse coordinates

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I want to know/record which button a user clicks without using mouse coordinates.

When a user clicks the next button in a installation wizard I want to know that he does it, and which button it was.

I have a function that gets all the ClassnameNN and handles for a window. So I can see/record that there is two buttons.

Further I would like to know which changes the user made on a window. Lets say it is a treeview with checkboxes.

How would I know which was checked and unchecked? I was thinking about something in the way of getting the state of the window. Once the user clicks next t go to the next step a comparison of the first state is made with the state once the user clicks next.

(I'm trying to "record" an installation to make it automated, therefore I need all the configurations etc).

Don't know if this is possible or if it is the right way to go. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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