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Run CMD as Admin local user UAC

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With the following code I want to read the system defrag status to a GUI.  I have UAC disabled on my PC and I am able to get the results.  When I run this on other PC's it says they don't have the correct privileges.

$iPID = Run(@ComSpec & ' /C defrag ' & @HomeDrive & ' /a /v', "", @SW_HIDE, $STDOUT_CHILD)

I have #RequireAdmin at the begining of my script but this still does not pass on to a sub-process.

I don't mind UAC interrupting and asking for permission.  Even tried RunAs() but each computer's Password is different if even non existent. 

I see how to open cmd by clicking start menu, typing cmd, right clicking Command Prompt, clicking Run As Admin does work but how do I tell CMD that through AutoIt?

(This is not for a network just several local computers.)

I just want to run the above line in Admin CMD and have UAC prompt if needed.

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I do not know if >this will be useful...

small minds discuss people average minds discuss events great minds discuss ideas.... and use AutoIt....

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Sub-processes started by a program that has itself been run with elevated privileges normally inherit the elevation.
The problem may be that the user is not a member of the administrators group (which is required to run defrag)

You can add a check for this in your code :

If NOT IsAdmin() Then Exit MsgBox(16, "Error", "Access denied")

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