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Auto activate au3 file if condition meet?

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hello i am newbie in auto IT programming..

Any idea how to self activate or auto open an .au3 file if the condition is meet..

like for example i have a notepad file in desktop.. if the txt inside has been change, then .au3 file will be activated or will be opened..

let say that .au3 file will display a notepad that says " Notepad Content changed"


any idea is a great help


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Cannot be done with AutoIt without a script already running.

But if you want to monitor a file with AutoIt you should ask in the help forum.

what if that .au3 script  is alredy running, then waiting for a moment that the text inside  sample1.txt will be changed.. and then it will open sample2.txt with a text showing " Notepad Content changed"..

is it possible?

any idea what function that i can use

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FileGetSize and/or FileGetTime

While .. WEnd

If .. Then

Sleep or the Timer functions

ShellExecute or Run

Tnx a lot. i have been able to used all your recommendation and it works perfectly

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