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simultaneous mouse clicks/key strokes on target windows

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I am trying to simultaneously follow all my mouse move/click/ & key strokes to other specific targeted windows.

I know I can do a basic if statements and do control clicks/sends to the other target window, but i want to show active mouses on all my window applications instead of shadowing.

im sorry if this doesnt make sense, but here's a example:

i will do all my action on Paint # 1 active window (Key strokes, and mouse moving/clicking)

On Paint # 2 and #3 it will follow/mimic my key strokes and have a active mouse moving around click the same things i click in the same time.

If someone can guide me the functions im suppose to use or link me an example one would be really appreciated. or tips , thank you very much

edits: I've read that maybe autoit can't do simultaneous mouse, if anyone have an alternate solution that i can try would be great, thank you

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 my answer will be as  JohnOne said

but maybe you could make the autoit mimic the painting after you release your hand from the left mouse button

ex : you are drawing a line with the pencil in paint 

you pressed the left mouse button and moved the mouse to another position then released the mouse

after you release the mouse autoit had been recording the places you pressed and release the mouse in and using some maths for the screen x and y he can do the same think for another paint window


you may want to have a look for _ispressed(), winactive(), mouseclick()


you could also see a mirror drawing app like 


but for windows

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