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Ctrl or SHIFT Mouse Click -> Perform some action

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Hi guys/girls,

I unsure how to go about performing a task if someone was to shift click an icon? To be specific I would like to add some extra functionality to an existing executable by creating a wrapper script.

For example normally user would - > single mouse click an icon on an interface -> perform some task  (Note the icons is just a display of a command line exe that is all)

And I would like to enable something like this

User holds down {SHIFT} + Click -> Do something else 

                              Normal Click -> Execute command to the standard task (as if nothing is different)


I don't want to change the way something was previously done, I only want to provide "additional" functionality to those that are aware it exists

Is there a way that I can incorporate usage of standard Windows user credentials for them to proceed?

Normal click does standard task

Shift click prompts for credentials and performs alternative task.

I know AutoIT is possibly capable of doing all this, it's just that I am not quite sure how or where to start? Most of the examples or help topics I search are all about automating or mimicking user input  using "Send" functions where as I want to create something that "Responses" user action....is there a 'receive keys' or 'receive click' type function in AutoIT? 

EDIT: I just figured that I could probably use a wrapper script where {SHIFT} + Click runs a second script that has #requireadmin OR Normal click runs the standard executable?  

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