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ErrorStdOut help

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Hi All,

Noob here trying to figure out this annoying problem.

i am using AutoIT to run an .exe. I have managed to create the code and successfully open my .exe application. However what i have noticed is there is a difference in how my application runs depnding whether i manaully open it using the mouse or use AutoIt to open the .exe.

The same directory is used each time.

I cant understand why my application would run differently when called from Autoit but run fine when manully opening the program. Very strange.

Although it looks like my script has worked, in the script editor i noticed it comes out with an ErrorStdOut  message.

also i have ran the AutoIt windows tool to look at class names and everything is identical except the handler number. If i manually open my .exe the handler is different to that when i open it through AutoIt.


Has anyone seen this before?


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you should post your code - it's a bit hard to debug something we can't see :)

FUNCTIONS: WinDock (dock window to screen edge) | EditCtrl_ToggleLineWrap (line/word wrap for AU3 edit control) | SendEX (yet another alternative to Send( ) ) | Spell Checker (Hunspell wrapper) | SentenceCase (capitalize first letter of sentences)

CODE SNIPPITS: Dynamic tab width (set tab control width according to window width)

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Ok, here the code. Its not much.

#include <Constants.au3>#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

Things i dont understand:

How is calling the App in AutoIT different to manually opening the App with the mouse. Same location and everything.

Are there any tools i can look at to see what windows is doing to try and debug this?

The App loads in both instances yet only the manual open detects the drivers associated with the App and works as intended.

I am lost!

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 - When you start your program manually (from the explorer), the working directory is set to the directory where the file is stored.

 - When you launch your program with AutoIt with Run or ShellExecute without specifying the working directory (as you did), the working directory is set to the current directory of the calling script.

Try to set the working directory in your Run command.

Run("C:\MyApp\MyApp.exe", ""C:\MyApp")

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