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Digital Display (numeric readout)


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Funcs Remove/RemoveAll can be found between lines 600-700 in DigitalDisplay.au3. Download the clean source from the link in the thread if your version is corrupted. And maybe read the Remarks section in the first fifty lines,;) which state:

;   _DigitalDisplay_Remove($displayID,$background)
;       Removes one exsting entry from array $DigiDispSpecs[][],
;       and blanks the allocated GUI region with (default/specified) background colour
;   _DigitalDisplay_RemoveAll($background)
;       Clears the entire array $DigiDispSpecs[][] by repeated calls to _DigitalDisplay_Remove()
;       The optional background parameter is parsed to _DigitalDisplay_Remove().
;   _DigitalDisplay_CleanUp()
;       1. Calls _DigitalDisplay_RemoveAll()
;       2. Disposes of all garbage produced by GDIPlus, to prevent memory leaks
;   NB Call this UDF before exiting your application, else your universe may collapse, Earthling!


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Nice, I modified the code from <Global $DigiDispSpecs[100][10]> to <Global $DigiDispSpecs[1000][10]>
And then execute the program around 24hrs, this issue not happened.
Thank you very much. 😁😁😁

Edited by MikePan
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