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_GUICreateEx - Width and Height relative to GUI

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Hello guys ...

I noticed that a window created with AutoIt, the coordinates of width and height are relative to the client area rather than to the window itself!

Well, after some tests I got this simple code that causes the width and height are for the window and not to the client area.

I hope it's useful for someone else ...


Func _GUICreateEx($Title, $iWidth = 400, $iHeight = 400, $iLeft = -1, $iTop = -1, $iStyle = -1, $iexStyle = -1, $hParent = 0)
    If $iWidth > @DesktopWidth Then
        $iFrameY = DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "GetSystemMetrics", "int", 33)
        $iFrameY = $iFrameY[0]
        $iWidth = @DesktopWidth - $iFrameY
    If $iHeight > @DesktopHeight Then $iHeight = @DesktopHeight

    Local $hWnd = GUICreate($Title, $iWidth, $iHeight, $iLeft, $iTop, $iStyle, $iexStyle, $hParent)
    WinMove($hWnd, "", Int((@DesktopWidth - $iWidth) / 2), Int((@DesktopHeight - $iHeight) / 2), $iWidth, $iHeight)

    Return $hWnd
EndFunc   ;==>_GUICreateEx
The syntax, of course, is the same as the native function!

So long,


Edited by JScript (AutoIt v3 Brazil!!!)

Somewhere Out ThereJames Ingram


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