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Difference(s) between MouseClick/ControlClick and click.

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Hello everybody,

I am opening this topic in order to solve a problem which is still without any solution nor explanations.

I'm working on an "aiming system" which is based on an application made up with a GUI and a control, a kind of Flash control. 

In a first place, I thought AutoIt wasn't able to interact with the control but after serveral tests, I've managed to retrieve his his handle. Thus I made the following conclusion : AutoIt is able to detect the control and interact with it.

That being said, the application didn't seem to be affected by my ControlClick commands. Then I had to choose another mean to interact with it, by using MouseClick commands. But still, no reaction from the application.

After many tests, here are my conclusions : 

- Clicks or mouse's movements from MouseClick/ControlClick or MouseMove commands are not detected by the application.

- MouseClicks or MouseMove are currently working when the application is reduced, background runing or closed.

- The application detects whatever I do by myself with my own mouse.

I have no reamaining solution to my problem nor explanations. That's the reason why I'd like to ask you the following question : What is/are the difference(s) between MouseClick/ControlClick and a "real" click delivered by my mouse?

With some researches, I've found a reccuring definition but I've got some difficulties to understand it perfectly. Thanks in advance for your future help.


Assuming you're referring to WinForm Control events, from the MSDN documentation for Control.Click:

The Click event passes an EventArgs to its event handler, so it only indicates that a click has occurred. If you need more specific mouse information (button, number of clicks, wheel rotation, or location), use the MouseClick event. However, the MouseClick event will not be raised if the click is caused by action other than that of the mouse, such as pressing the ENTER key.


Source's link.

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#3 ·  Posted (edited)

This one currently : Chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND

Many graphics are clickable but it looks like there's only one control wich gathers all the elements of the application.

Application's link.

Thanks for your answer.

EDIT : what about my question? There must be at least one difference, else all the clicks would work. 

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#4 ·  Posted (edited)

If you mean this then it not a kind of flash control, it is an actual flash object.

I believe the difference between a manual and simulated click is that a manual click is produced at the mouse driver level and a simulated click is is just a message passed to a window.


Also a mouseclick works just fine on it.

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#5 ·  Posted (edited)

Sorry if I gave you a wrong data, I didn't know that object and control were different actually. But doesn't work for me anyway.

Thank you for the explanation though. If I understand correctly, a click from Windows and a click from my mouse are two different messages. But does a way exist to simulate a real click then? That's the only thing which works unfortunately...

EDIT : Let me put this topic answered. I now understand the difference, though I can not exaplin why the commands do not want to work actually. Thank you!

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