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Tooltip lookup from keyboard monitoring

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Hi there; 1st post.

I've used autoit for a number of things over the last 5ish years.  I've been using "PhraseExpress" to replace "foe!" with "From Our Engineer" and "cd!" with "June 6 2014" etc.

I can't seem to get phraseexpress to do what I like and thought I'd try to see if someone here can point me in the right direction with AutoIt.

Simply put, I type ALOT of job #'s daily.  I'd like to monitor my keyboard and have "tooltips" popup (system tray would be fine but doesn't matter) when I type them.

The data would be in an excel table such as:

Job#         Job Name                    Note

R2321      MyLovelyHouse          Only send electronic info - no hardcopies.

etc.           etc.                             etfc.

.. and so on down the line.

I'd like to have a tooltip popup of the "Note" from excel whenever (and wherever - ie: in an email, renaming a file etc) I type the "R2321".

Sort of logging or monitoring the previous 8ish keyboard strokes and /lookup.

Is this difficult? or could someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks kindly.

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Thanks JohnOne; looks like that might be what I'm after.

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