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Capture which button was pressed/associated to variable?

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I feel like I'm being stupid but I'm not understanding something...

I have an array of 20 with 20 different button associated with it.


$Button[1] = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Button 1") ect. ect.
$Button[2] = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Button 2") ect. ect.

And so on.

Now the text of the button (Button 1, Button 2 ect.) can change at anytime someone sets the text to something else.

So what I need to do is detect when someone presses a button, which variable is associated with it.


$Button[$i] = GuiCtrlCreateButton("", 20, $Y, 160,30)
GuiCtrlSetOnEvent(-1, "_Action")

And then when that button is pressed it goes to the function _Action and then reads which button was pressed. I can read the text of the button just fine but I can't seem to find out how to read what variable is associated with said button.. I have an ID but that isn't what i want. I wan't just the number.

IE: If button[1] is pressed, I wan't the 1, not the ID or the text, I wan't the 1.

So like if $Button[18] is pressed, I wan't the number 18 pulled not the text of button #18

I'm sure I am just not thinking clearly.. 

But thanks in advance!


Oh, and I know I can accomplish this with setting up multiple functions that happen each time a specific button is pressed like so but I would rather not do that, I wan't it all into one function.

Button[$i] = GuiCtrlCreateButton("", 20, $Y, 160,30)
GuiCtrlSetOnEvent(-1, "_Action1")
Button[$i] = GuiCtrlCreateButton("", 20, $Y, 160,30)
GuiCtrlSetOnEvent(-1, "_Action2")

ect. ect. (Not the right coding way, but you get the idea)

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If you're using OnEvent mode, you can loop through the array's contents to see which of the control IDs match @GUI_CtrlId in your function.

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