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regedit and uac

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Hello everyone,

I run an autoit script where I need to save and restore a key in registry.

This key is on HKEY_CURRENT_USER, so no need of admin right for the acces.

I execute this line:

RunWait('regedit.exe /s /e "' & @ScriptDir & '\portable-data\localbackup.reg" "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\thekey" ')

When I run the script with a Guest account or a normal user, all work fine.

But when the user is an admin and UAC is activated, I got an error


Error: Unable to execute the external program.

L'opération demandé nécessite une élévation.

It's because when you run regedit whis admin account the UAC popup, as you can edit other key such HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

If I run the script with admin privilege, it's work fine.

I can't use #RequireAdmin, as normal user don't need this permision.

Can I use regedit with admin user without uac ?

Can I use #RequireAdmin only if user is an admin (isAdmin() doesn't work if UAC not passed)?

Is there another solution with RegRead() with a loop on all subkeys to save in a file ?


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You could alter the registry using RegWrite() You would probably need to parse the .reg file first.

Don't know how to do that, as I'm not familiar with them.

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