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Hi from France,

I've an Array > 65525 lines.

Do U know a method to workaround this problem? I want to write this array in a file ...


$mysqlrequest = "SELECT * from toto"

$aArray = _EzMySql_GetTable2d($mysqlrequest)
;~ _ArrayDisplay ($aArray)
_filewritefromarray( $path & $Dir & "state.csv",$aArray,0,UBound($aArray),";")


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Hi "voisin".

One way could be to get the number of rows (select count(*)) and make several requests (in a loop), using LIMIT : $mysqlrequest = "SELECT * from toto LIMIT 0, 10000", where 0 is variant (0, 10000, 2000 ...).

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Arrays are not limited to 65525 lines.  _Array display has a limitation of what it can display due to the max number of controls allowed.

The following demonstrates an array of 100,000...

local $a[100000]

for $1 = 0 to ubound($a) - 1
    $a[$1] = $1

; send last ten elements to the console

for $1 = ubound($a) - 1 to ubound($a) - 11 step -1
    ConsoleWrite($a[$1] & @CRLF)

Have you tried writing the file and looking at it?


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