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Can't get file run


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I need to remove old citrix receiver from 20+ machines in remote area. I tried ReceiverCleanupUtility.exe /silent from sccm that did not work so I tried AutoIT script using sccm like shown below but it still not doing at all. I need help correcting this script please. The purpose is to push that through sccm and have it run silently and reboot the machine.

RunWait('"C:WindowstempReceiverCleanupUtility.exe" /S /restart', "", @SW_HIDE)
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I think your code is OK... under which permissions is the CleanupUtility started, cause iirc it cleans keys in HKCU Hive?

Also you can try it with correct working directory:

FileInstall("\\ServerDataShare\ReceiverCleanupUtility.exe",@TempDir & "\ReceiverCleanupUtility.exe")
RunWait(@TempDir & '\ReceiverCleanupUtility.exe /S /restart', @TempDir, @SW_HIDE)
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How would the filea script know where to file the exe?

You should supply the full path in the first parameter or set the workdir when you shell it.


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First of all, is the UAC enabled or disabled?

Cause #RequireAdmin has a bug with UAC disabled (iirc)

I would write a log to see whats going on:

$logfile = @ScriptFullPath & ".log"

If Not IsAdmin() Then
    _FileWriteLog($logfile, "Error: not started as Admin")

And so on, to see if files are there with fileexists and also check which user is running the script:

_FileWriteLog($logfile, "Info: Script started with user " & @UserName)

Then you can see if its a permission problem, or else...

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