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Can't Click on Button in IE


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Hi everyone,

I've been using IE automation for about three years now and have created about 100 different automation scripts for my business mainly using IE automation.  A website that I use has just updated and is giving me problems clicking on a button. I've never really encountered this before, but this is what is happening.

There are two frames, both of which I can navigate into.

I create a link to the button (have done this many way, either by _IEGetObjbyName, IEGetObjbyID, or even doing a _IETagNameGetCollection, and sorting this by Class name to get the object i want)

All three ways give me a link to the object, which can be verified through a console write outer html read out.

The button is a radio, and Autoit will let me

$oButton.checked = True - to check the button

But the site will not let me do





And the webpage won't respond, or update accordingly.

Here is the HTML for the radio button:

<input name="SearchType" id="searchTypeNumber" type="radio" CHECKED="checked" value="searchTypeNumber">

Not sure if this is any help but this is the form HTML

<form name="Form" id="Form" action="/status/search" method="post" novalidate="novalidate">

I have used this website in other areas that have changed as well, and successfully navigated through other forms.

Any thoughts or help on this is appreciated



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