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Which Operative System and Service Pack do you have?


And what happens if you click on "both" and then on show? Is it the same output of "IPv4"?

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@Spider001: thank you for the feedback, there is an error in _WinApi_GetString documentation:


If the pointer is incorrect, _WinAPI_GetString() does not set the @error flag but always returns an empty string.

False, if the pointer is incorrect or the buffer is empty, it sets @error to 10, example:

_WinAPI_GetString(Ptr(Random(1, 10000)))

always return an empty string and set @error to 10.

I've modified suitably the UDF in the first post :)

Test it and report any bug, please!

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Finally I solved the issue with Windows XP:

WSAAddressToString on WinXP doesn't like the Null pointer as fourth parameter:

$aRet = DllCall($hWs2_32, "int", "WSAAddressToString", "ptr", $plpSockaddr, "int", $iSockaddrLength, "ptr", Null, "ptr", Null, "dword*", 0)

so, this is the workaround:

$aRet = DllCall($hWs2_32, "int", "WSAAddressToString", "ptr", $plpSockaddr, "int", $iSockaddrLength, "ptr", Null, "byte*", Null, "dword*", 0)

I've edited the first post with the correct UDF and the new example script.

Thanks to Spider001 for testing my scripts :)

Test it and report any bug in this topic, please!

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