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Variable WinActive

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Short version - Looking for a way to check the title of the active window against a database. If a match is found, pull the associated data and use it to decide what actions to take.

Longer version - Trying to help automate the process of product selection. Our users open orders and need to select the correct corresponding product from a pre-built list. Window titles give me enough information to decide what product to select. So, I imagine building a database (in whatever format) of window titles and the corresponding product locations in the list. I would need to script something that monitors the currently active window and continuously checks the database for a match. As soon as a match is found, send some commands to pick the correct product, then reset and wait for another window.

At the moment, the best I've come up with is a HUGE loop with tons of different WinActive functions, but this is horribly inefficient and bound to have errors. I need to streamline this process. Anyone got some crazy good ideas? Thanks!

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