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Newbe can't control window.

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I'm new to AutoIT. Today I spend a full day trying to built some scripts but I ran into problems controlling windows.

Some windows I can control perfectly (controlclick) and others don't respond to anything (i.e. winclose command and/or controlclick).

I know how to program them with help of the finder tool. Tried everything.

For instance I made a litle script which should uninstall a program called TeamViewer from windows.

Here's my script:


$sBase = "HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall"
$iEval = 1
$sSearch = "teamviewer"
if ProcessExists("teamviewer.exe") Then
While 1
    $sUninst = ""
    $sDisplay = ""
    $sCurrent = RegEnumKey($sBase, $iEval)
    If @Error Then ExitLoop
    $sKey = $sBase & $sCurrent
    $sDisplay = RegRead($sKey, "DisplayName")
    If StringRegExp($sDisplay, "(?i).*" & $sSearch & ".*") Then
        $sUninst = RegRead($sKey, "UninstallString")
        If $sUninst Then
    $iEval += 1
; The above programlines were taken from a samplefile I found on internet. This works fine!
controlclick("TeamViewer 9 Uninstall", "&Uninstall", 1); This line gives no response on the activated window...
When I try different windows of different programmes my programming works fine. I use the Finder Tool to get the data from the window and copy/past the data into the script. I'm using Windows 8.1 on a Intel i7 notebook.
Could it be some sort of timing issue ?
Thanks in advance!

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How do I activate admin mode ?

Where to begin ?


Sorry, I solved my problems....

Turned out a combination of not using #RequireAdmin AND I always  used the control ID number in the controlclick function.

I noticed the control ID number was different every with the problemprograms  so I tried the [CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:2] instead and this worked !!

Thanks a LOT !

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Also - see if your app supports command line. IF it does, you can GREATLY simply your scripts as well as make them MUCH more stable. For example teamviewer supports command line:


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