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IE: any way to change user agent for session?

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Hello dear AutoIt fellas.

This is first time i post as i couldn't find solution for the task i need to do.

Currently I am using Run(iexplore) function with -private and -nomerge parameters. Then i attach to the process using ieattach and continue with my automation.

Problem: I need User Agent changed for the open session without it reverting back to default.

Currently i use $oIE.navigate() where i set user agent header, but it is only for one single request, so if server decides to redirect me for some reason (for example mobile UA, or detecting browser using async js) user agent is already reverted back to default and ... you get it.

I tried: a lot of stuff...

What worked?: only for embedded ie which isn't acceptable for my task.


Any solution for this?

Best regards.

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Sets the HTTP user-agent string which is sent with all Inet requests


im using iexplore therefore no good.

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