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Hot to automate printing a word document to prn file.

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I'm new with AutoIt.
I want to automate the process of printing a Microsoft word file to prn file.

What I have:

1.A Printer installed ($PrinterName) port to FILE:
2. Code I used:
 _Word_DocPrint ( $oDoc, 1, 1, -1, 1, $PrinterName, 0)
 ;($b_Background = 1 in order to continue)
 ;After call Word_DocPrint, MS Word will show "Print to file" window, and ask file name.
 WinWaitActive("Print to file")

 ControlSetText ( "Print to file", "", "ID:1001", "C:TempNEW-FILE.prn", 0 )

;ID:1001 is text edit box 

ControlClick( "Print to file", "", "[CLASS:Button; TEXT:OK; INSTANCE:7]")

When I run these in debug mode, it paused at _Word_DocPrint, not even continue run other lines.

Then I tried with another DOS command line to print:

Dim $cmd = 'winword.exe Default.doc /mFilePrintDefault'
Run ($cmd)
Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)
WinWait ("Print to file", "", 2)
ControlCommand ( "Print to file", "", "ID:1001", "GetSelected", "" )
ControlSetText ( "Print to file", "", "ID:1001", "C:TempNEW-FILE.prn", 0 )
WinWaitActive("[CLASS:Button; TEXT:OK; INSTANCE:7]")
ControlClick( "Print to file", "", "[CLASS:Button; TEXT:OK; INSTANCE:7]")

Although it goes to every command lines to the end, but it doesn't save any file and 'ok' quit the dialog window.

Something wrong in my code.

Any suggestions please....


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