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Cant figure out what's wrong with this expression

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Help please? I want $check to be +/- 2 of $nCurrent

$check = ClipGet()
   $up = $nCurrent + 2
   $down = $nCurrent - 2
   if $check = >$down And <$up Then
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oh, less than or equal to...:

$nCurrent = 10

For $i = 5 To 15

Func yourcheck()
    $check = ClipGet()
    If $check <= ($nCurrent+2) And $check >= ($nCurrent-2) Then
        ConsoleWrite("inside: " & $check & @CRLF)
        ConsoleWrite("outside: " & $check & @CRLF)


outside: 5
outside: 6
outside: 7
inside: 8
inside: 9
inside: 10
inside: 11
inside: 12
outside: 13
outside: 14
outside: 15

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