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Can or can not? New user with autohotkey experience

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I have been using AHK for a number of years and have always wanted to make a GUI that would run multiple virus scans one right after the other, clean temp files, and run a few other "cleaning" tasks. Then to install different programs and updates.

With AHK this is pretty much doable except when UAC is active. I have read autoit somehow does not have the same problems with UAC. 

Today I have downloaded autoit but I feel a little overwhelmed.


I just want to know if autoit is the direction I need to take things.

I also want to make a 1 click solution that would run chocolatey install script then run the different install packages. However I have been trying to make my own cmd script starting with this and I get errors every time. Even trying something like:

$CMD = "@powershell .....
RunWait('"' & @ComSpec & '" /k ' & $CMD, @SystemDir)

Gives me an error that @powershell is not recognized 

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The trick is to turn UAC off.

First that is exactly what I did not want to hear.

Second could I make a script that turns it off then back on?

I am trying to make something I could use for cleaning customer computers and part of the problem is the extreme amount of time it takes without automation. UAC is not something I want to just turn off either because I really want to leave every possible protection in place especially on a customers computer.

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