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AutoItX3 hangs itself after intensive use.

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In a software project we use AutoItX3 extensively. After an undefinable amount of time AutoItX3 seems to hang itself. Here are the specifics of our project setup.

We have one thread (Lets call it main) that distributes messages to other threads (Lets say A and B ). Once a message has been received by either of the threads A or B, the thread handles the message in which it uses AutoItX3.

When we run the main thread and send messages to A everything works fine. If we restart and send everything to B everything works fine as well. However, if, in one application run, we send messages to A and after that to B it hangs itself on the ControlSetText or ControlSend method in Thread B.

What we've found so far:

- If I put a ButtonClick in thread B right before either of the failing ControlSetText or ControlSend method, the click works fine but the other methods fail. It seems as if AutoIt is only partially disfunctional at that point.

- When I send less messsages to thread A (and therefor use less of AutoIt) and then switch to B, it works fine. Which leads us to think that there might be something overflowing.

- The system doesn't crash (no exception or anything), it just hangs.

What we've tried so far (but to no avail):

- Instantiate AutoItX3 in a singleton (one autoit instance per thread)

- Delete COM objects with marshaling.

Using thread A and B sequentially is something we can't alter at this point.


Does anyone have an idea on what's going on? If any more details are required please let me know.

Kind regards and thanks in advance,

Tom Landstra.

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