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Autoit info tool give wrong value

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Hello every body;

I use "Autoit info tool" to get information aboat specific control ,

the text that I get is different from I see on screen ; as shown in image :



My quation is : Why?

                       How I can pass this problem?



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Yes, it's different, but i don't think it's wrong!


Like many automation applications, the AutoIt Info only support standard Windows control. DotNET controls is not standard, but customized controls.

In most situation, the .NET controls should behave like a standard, but in some case, like your, it's not.

The .NET controls store its text internal, so any attemp to retrieve it using WinAPI function, like GetWindowText - which is used in AutoIt Info - fails. Because it get the text which Windows store, not .NET, but the .NET control using the internal text to draw value.

Instead of the current text, the value you get is the initial value of the control.


I think with this problem, you are out of luck. Considering using .NET instead of AutoIt.

99 little bugs in the code

99 little bugs!

Take one down, patch it around

117 little bugs in the code!

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