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AutoIT and getting variables from table?

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Hi AutoIT,

I need to automate my part of a accounting system since it's just picking the same thing over and over with minor variations.

$Vendor                           | xxxxxx VendorName
$VendorInvoiceNumber | xxxxxxxx/xx

The system runs from a IE page and I need 2 strings of information that AutoIT can't read for some odd reason.

I can however copy them.

So my question is, is there any way I can get AutoIT to:

  1.  Copy the 6 digit $vendor and save it as $vendor, and copy the digits before the /xx (this varies!) and save those as $vendorinvoicenumber.
  2. Look up in VendorTable and find the matching $VendorInvoiceNumber.
  3. Check the row and find the column Site save the contents as $site, find the column (column to the right) save the contents as $Payable and then the last as $Project.
  4. Run some code with the above variables and run the code again for the next invoice. 

Is the above possible? I'm guessing i could use a mouseclick for copying the vendor and vendor invoice number but how would i transfer that copy into a variable?

Is this even possible?



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@Stimorol -

I think you need to supply a lot more information (i.e. what accounting system is it would be good).  In the meantime, you can use AutoIt to automate IE and read table data into an array.  Once in the array, you can parse the strings of the elements you are interested in (i.e. | xxxxxx VendorName).

I would stay away from mouseclicks and try and use IE automation to reference the elements that you are targeting because it is much more reliable.  To answer you question on that, the clipGet and clipPut functions would help you assign copied data i.e. $variable=clipGet().

The best approach might be to see if your accounting system has an API that you can communicate with to accomplish your goal.

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The problem is there is no API sadly since I don't have access to that part. I basically just have a http page that I need to manually input the different values ( $Site, $Payable and $Project). So I don't have a way to connect to the program itself since I'll I'm seeing is a page.

I'll have a look into IE automating, that sounds like what i need to work towards.

Thank you @Universalist.


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