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help to change a function's pipe example

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I found this pipe's example in:

client & server

I believe this is the same files in this >topic.

Ok, this is not doubt.

I know AutoIt, but DllStruct (Send, Get and cia) it's unknow for me...
It's alien!

But, someone can show a example how to change the function ExecuteCmd($sCmd) to make something like this:

; from server script
Func ExecuteCmd($sCmd)
    If StringInStr($sCmd, "#InternalCmd") Then
        Local $aCmd = StringSplit($sCmd, " ", 2)
        Switch $aCmd[1]
            Case 1
                Return "one"
            Case 2
                Return "two"
            Case Else
                Return "unknow"
        Local $tProcess, $tSecurity, $tStartup, $hWritePipe

        ; Set up security attributes
        $tSecurity = DllStructCreate($tagSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES)
        DllStructSetData($tSecurity, "Length", DllStructGetSize($tSecurity))
        DllStructSetData($tSecurity, "InheritHandle", True)

        ; Create a pipe for the child process's STDOUT
        If Not _NamedPipes_CreatePipe($hReadPipe, $hWritePipe, $tSecurity) Then
            LogError("ExecuteCmd ........: _NamedPipes_CreatePipe failed")
            Return False

        ; Create child process
        $tProcess = DllStructCreate($tagPROCESS_INFORMATION)
        $tStartup = DllStructCreate($tagSTARTUPINFO)
        DllStructSetData($tStartup, "Size", DllStructGetSize($tStartup))
        DllStructSetData($tStartup, "Flags", BitOR($STARTF_USESTDHANDLES, $STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW))
        DllStructSetData($tStartup, "StdOutput", $hWritePipe)
        DllStructSetData($tStartup, "StdError", $hWritePipe)
        If Not _WinAPI_CreateProcess("", $sCmd, 0, 0, True, 0, 0, "", DllStructGetPtr($tStartup), DllStructGetPtr($tProcess)) Then
            LogError("ExecuteCmd ........: _WinAPI_CreateProcess failed")
            Return False
        _WinAPI_CloseHandle(DllStructGetData($tProcess, "hProcess"))
        _WinAPI_CloseHandle(DllStructGetData($tProcess, "hThread"))

        ; Close the write end of the pipe so that we can read from the read end

        LogMsg("ExecuteCommand ....: " & $sCmd)
        Return True
EndFunc   ;==>ExecuteCmd

I believe the $sCmd is a string, full content a DOS command, like: "cmd.exe /c dir c:windows /s"

I want from client send to server a string too, but, this string is (It's simple, only for example):
InternalCmd 1

InternalCmd 2

InternalCmd other thing...

I cant read, understand or change this function to intercept and make this.
I want mantain the original code (execute a DOS command), but, include new commands.

Br, Detefon

Edited by Detefon

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