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Licensing System - Blacklist for Expired Keys

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Hey :P

So after my last project I would like to implent a licensing system into it so I can disable it myself at anytime.

I already found this script, which is working perfectly fine.

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Now my question if this will work:

1.) Of course generate a license key with the generator. (Works)

2.) Make my programm first ask for a license key, by implenting the checker before the start maybe as a function?

3.) Make a website with a login script (done) where I can blacklist a license and then make the program check if

     the used license is blacklisted. If not blacklisted, just continue and if blacklisted, delete itself or just quit.

4.) Make the program only ask ONCE per day for the license. (Guess that one will be the hardest to make fail proof)

I think that will work, but I will be having trouble with the once per day thing. What do you think about this?

Thanks in advance & best regards



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If they are unique keys and nobody can register a duplicate then (assuming this is the case) why can't you store the date the key is registered on your side and make it valid for X days?


They are unique, but can be registered 1000x at the same time. So I guess I have to first check if the key is blacklisted and then another check if it is acivated already for this period of time. That would work :P, thanks for the idea.

PS: The blacklist because I cant disable them afterwards.

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