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Problem with _FTP_Command

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I have a little problem with this command.
I have a FTP server with a root directory and a FILES directory and i want a list of files into the FILES directory.
The script work well for a root directory but when i wont to force to go to FILES directory whith the _FTP_Command this no change the directory and the function return 0.
I would be very grateful if someone could give me some solution.

#include <FTPEx.au3>
  #include <Array.au3>

Local $server = ""
Local $usuari = ""
Local $password =""

Local $Open = _FTP_Open("My connection") 
Local $Conn = _FTP_Connect($Open, $server, $usuari, $password,0)

$FTP_dir =_FTP_Command($Conn,"cd FILES")

Local $aFile = _FTP_ListToArray($Conn, 0) 

_ArrayDisplay($aFile, "Dir")

Local $iFtpc = _FTP_Close($Conn)
Local $iFtpo = _FTP_Close($Open)

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So the dir structure is definitely Server Root -> FILES -> listed files ?

EDIT: Also, welcome to the AutoIt forum! :D

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Ok Breathe, thank you very much for your reply.
The server root directory have same files and folders and the script work fine working in a root server directory.
If i execute a cmd ftp client of windows work well.
ftp .........
user .......

For security disable windows firewall for if the active or passive mode were the problem.

I don't know if i apply well the _FTP_Command for change the directory or i need other command for it


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