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How to detect item has been RIGHT-clicked in Listview?

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How can i detect if the user RIGHT-click on an item in a listview? and is it possible to create a ContextMenu for that specific item if rightclicked?

The reason i ask is that i add a 1000 files in a listview with contextmenu on each item, it takes so much longer ;)

thx for any help!

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Try something like this:

While 1  ;Main Loop
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    If $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then Exit

        MsgBox(0, '', 'Right Click')
        MsgBox(0, '', 'Left Click')

Hope this help....

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just a couple of pieces to show you what i've done, might work for you

this uses the GuiListView.au3 include file

Created the list view and a context menu for the list view

$lv_pid = GUICtrlCreateListView("PID|Name|Path", 200, 70, 490, 440, BitOR($LVS_SHOWSELALWAYS, $LVS_NOSORTHEADER))
_GUICtrlListViewSetColumnWidth ($lv_pid, 0, 50)
_GUICtrlListViewSetColumnWidth ($lv_pid, 1, 10)
_GUICtrlListViewSetColumnWidth ($lv_pid, 2, 320)
$lv_pid_contextmenu = GUICtrlCreateContextMenu($lv_pid)
$lv_pid_contextKill = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Kill Process(s)", $lv_pid_contextmenu)

context menu item is selected and the item select from the listview is retrieved to accomplish the task

Case $msg = $lv_pid_contextKill
         If Ping($s_Machine) Then
            Local $a_pid = _GUICtrlListViewGetSelectedIndices ($lv_pid, 1)
            If IsArray($a_pid) Then
               For $i = 1 To $a_pid[0]
                  GUISetCursor($Cursor_WAIT, 1)
                  RunWait('"' & @ScriptDir & '\pskill.exe" [url="file://\\"]\\'[/url] & $s_Machine & " " & _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText ($lv_pid, $a_pid[$i], 0), "", @SW_HIDE)
                  GUISetCursor($Cursor_ARROW, 1)
               _RetrieveProcessList($lv_pid, $s_Machine)

ignore the url tags in the above code, it's just suppose to be 2 back slashes

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