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FTP Error 12003

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Hi all!

So I've been playing around with FTP on AutoIT (Just discovered!) and keep running into an error.  Here is the code:

$FTPIP="ftp.xxxxx.com" ;FTP IP/Hostname
$FTPUser="testuser@xxxxxxxx.com" ;FTP Username
$FTPPass="xxxxx" ;FTP Password
$FTPPort="21" ;FTP Port

$ftp=_FTP_Open ("FTPSess")
$ftpconnect=_FTP_Connect ($ftp, $FTPIP, $FTPUser, $FTPPass, $FTPPort)
_FTP_FilePut ($ftpconnect, 'WindowsUpdate.txt', '\test')
ConsoleWrite (@CRLF&$err&@CRLF)

I'm getting an error of 12003, which according to the MSDN is either a false positive or something with flags.  I'm not using any flags and the file isn't uploading, so that is where I'm currently stuck.  I've been searching around and really can't find anything useful, so any help is appreciated!  I'm attempting to upload to a GoDaddy hosted FTP server, if that helps at all.

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