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Detect Windows folder on different partition

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I'm writing a script which will return the driveletter where Windows is installed. It is going to be used for reinstallation, so that it will write a diskpart script which formats the partition so no other partition is touched.

The question is how and I hope that someone with a bit more skills than me can help me out. I know that you are able to retrieve disk drives and partitions via WMI, and I think that the solution lies somewhere in there.

Hope you can help me out.

Thanks in advance!

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DriveGetDrive should suffice, no ?

Local $aDrives = DriveGetDrive("FIXED")
For $i = 1 To $aDrives[0]
    If FileExists($aDrives[$i] & "\Windows\explorer.exe") Then ConsoleWrite("Windows folder found in " & $aDrives[$i] & @CRLF)
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