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Automating the Process of writing a Logfile (Browser)

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Hi Guys,
Sorry for my English. I'm Italian. Pizza, Pasta and Super Mario...
I have the following problem. Guess it is relatively simple. It's my first time with AutoIT.
I wrote a simple Script, it involves the following process. A control software for a heating module runs on a web browser and logs every second some heatvalues on demand (by click on a report button). I would like to log the readings every second - executed with a single click - written to the log file. 
I have now crafted a script that executes the "Report Button" every second that writes values to the log file and is confirmed with ESC Button. That means, I run the mouseclick and the ESC button  in an endless loop at the same time in the Script and up to a certain point (about 10 minutes), the whole thing works great. But then it fails at some point, the browser doesn't load any new measurement data and the F5 key is the only solution to reload the site.
Unfortunately, the reload procedure using F5, is stopped by the permanent need to press the ESC key.
Now my question is, how do I let the process run for 10 minutes, then stop the mouseclick + ESC combination. Then press F5 (about 5 seconds reload time) and re-run the whole script again in continuous mode. My script should now look like this.
  • Sleep(10000)
  • HotKeySet("{F9}", "_Beenden")
  • While 1
  • MouseClick("left")
  • Sleep(50)
  • send("{ESC}")
  • Sleep(1)
  • WEnd
  • Func _Beenden()
  • Exit
  • EndFunc


So my question is, how do implement the F5 reload procedure? I wanna keep it as simple as possible and don't have much time to actually get to know with some Functions in AutoIt. Can someone write me a script for that case?




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