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Set color to label variable based of number

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If $PingNum = 125 OR $PingNum < 125 Then
    GuiCtrlSetColor($PingNum, $COLOR_GREEN)
    GUICtrlSetColor($PingNum, 0xff0000)

I have tried everything, using $COLOR_RED instead but nothing seems to work when I have $PingNum be over 125. It just doesn't want to come up as the color red when the variable is over 125.

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#2 ·  Posted (edited)

Wait, what is $PingNum?  You're using it as a controlid.


BTW, if you're unsure or can't explain correctly (because your code makes little sense), then you're going to need to provide a working recreation script that demonstrates your issue.  Not a conditional statement that really says nothing.  BTW

If $PingNum <= 125 Then
is the same as your "Or" statement. Edited by SmOke_N

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I ping an ip adress and the ms gets set to $PingNum.

Local $iPing = Ping("IP ADRESS THAT IS SET HERE", 1850)
If $iPing Then ; If a value greater than 0 was returned then display the following message.
GUICtrlSetData ($PingNum, $iPing)
MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "An error occurred. If this conitues the region severs might be down/busy.")
I have a few of those set my code based of of what radio button is selected. Everything works fine but my major issue is that when controlID PingNum is over 126 it doesnt set the color to red.

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@autosm - have a close look at the first code you posted.

You have intermixed the ID or handle of your label, with your ping variable.

This is why, it is always best to post a larger portion of code, than just some snippet.

We can see instantly then, that you have made such a glaring mistake.

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