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Capture2Text and MouseMove

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Hi AutoIT,
I have a tiny script that needs to move the mouse while Capture2Text captures the text.

The script itself is

MouseClick("middle",1351, 203,1,100)
MouseClick("middle",1535, 226,1,100)

The middle mouse button activates the Capture2Text capturing mode, but autoit stops moving the mouse after entering the mode.

If I change it to left click then it woks fine but as soon as it enters the other mode then it stops moving the mouse. Script ends normally but mouse hasnt moved.


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I'm a little late stumbling onto this thread but for future reference for those searching Capture2Text...

Could you use Capture2Text command line options?

Capture2Text.exe x1 y1 x2 y2 [output_file]
Required Arguments:
    x1 - X1-Coordinate of the screen
    y1 - Y1-Coordinate of the screen
    x2 - X2-Coordinate of the screen
    y2 - Y2-Coordinate of the screen
Optional Arguments:
    output_file - The OCR'd text will be written to this file if specified.

Capture2Text will read settings.ini to determine settings such as OCR language and output options (clipboard, popup, etc.).

    Capture2Text.exe 10 152 47 321 output.txt
    Capture2Text.exe 10 152 47 321
Note: Make sure that you wait for Capture2Text to finish processing before attempting to start a new instance of Capture2Text.

Capture2Text seems to be crazy good OCR freeware except I'd like to adapt a different region selection method which landed me here.

Hopefully others will give Capture2Text a try with AutoIt.

I personally need to learn how to draw a [selection] region on screen with mouse using AutoIt for my Capture2Text adaptation.  I'll start new thread if I remain stuck.

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