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HotKeySet issues

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Why does this always run _Login() regardless of my button presses, and quite ignores me when I actually command it to start the function?

Global $LoginID = FileRead(@ScriptDir & "\LoginID.txt")
If @error Then
   Global $LoginID = InputBox("What is your user ID?", "Please specify a user ID!")
   If @error Then Exit
   Local $MsBox = MsgBox(4, "Do you want to save your user ID?", "Would you like to save user ID in a file so it won't ask you again?")
   If $MsBox = 6 Then
      Local $fFile = FileOpen(@ScriptDir & "\LoginID.txt", 8 + 2)
      FileWrite($fFile, $LoginID)

HotKeySet("^!u", _Login()) ;CTRL + ALT + U

While 1

Func _Login()
   Local $MsBox = MsgBox(1, "Signing in or out!", "We will sign in or out for you now, is that OK?", 10)
   If $MsBox = 2 Then Return

Also, if the second MessageBox times out, how can I see that? Will $MsBox = -1? Or maybe @error will be set to a none zero??

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HotKeySet("^!u", "_Login") ;CTRL + ALT + U
HotKeySet("^!u", _Login()) ;CTRL + ALT + U
for second question
Failure: $IDTIMEOUT (-1) if the message box timed out.

so it shud return -1 if timeouted

so "If $MsBox = -1 Then MsgBox(16,'','something something something dark side')" should work 

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