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TCPRecv won't set @error

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Hi all,

I'm running some TCP Server/Client scripts and having trouble determinating whether a client has already disconnected or not.

Please try the following two scripts (server first).


Opt("TCPTimeout", 0)

Global $gi_MainSocket = TCPListen(@IPAddress1, 4466)

While 1
    $gi_UserSocket = TCPAccept($gi_MainSocket)
    If $gi_UserSocket = -1 Then ContinueLoop

    While 1
        TCPRecv($gi_UserSocket, 2000)
        If @error AND @error <> -1 Then
            MsgBox(0, "", "Socket error!")




$iSock = TCPConnect(@IPAddress1, 4466)
;~ TCPCloseSocket($iSock)


When running the client after the server has started, it will almost instantly end and the server gets an @error from the TCPRecv() func - you'll see the MsgBox.

Now add line 3 to the client script and run it again.

Even though the client has exited, the TCPRecv() still won't return an @error, the server can't see that the client is long gone.

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I haven't found a proper solution yet.

Looking at the open connections via netstat reveals that the server still has one in the state FIN_WAIT_2, waiting for an ACK from the client which he obviously never gets.

What really bugs me is that I have times where I can't even reproduce the obove case and everything works just as intendet.

I also can't spot why it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't.

My only workaround is to set a timer in the server and let my clients send a heartbeat every few seconds.

If there's no heartbeat for a specified amount of time the server assumes that the client is no longer online and kills the socket.


Might this be a bug in AutoIts TCP engine?

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"why would you change" I don't know why, this topic was for that specific problem


I remember that they try to play around with @extended for some reason but i don't know the end result of it.


edit: ouh and the ticket concerning that topic


and its last 2 comments are really interesting


Have a nice read  :)

as far as i understand its fixed in beta i think... read topic links, test beta, is my best advice

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