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UI Automation variable becomes "undeclared" within a different function

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I've been using UI Automation for awhile now with success, but have an "undeclared variable error" that has been showing up that I cannot determine the cause of.  I've reduced a script down to just the code that illustrates the issue - Attached.  This script only has functions, for function keys F1 and F2.  F1 reads a value at a screen coordinate and assigns it to a variable.  Then, F2 code is supposed to be able to use the value of this variable - but in the F2 code, it fails to write to the console with an "undeclared variable" error.  Also attached, is a notepad file with the output to the console when I run F1 followed by F2 with a blank (desktop) main display.  I think it can be run with anything in the main display, and will still illustrate the issue.

Any help/direction on this will be appreciated, I've been battling this issue for several days and cannot isolate the cause.






UI Data Capture Issue.au3

Undeclared Variable Issue Console Output.txt

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