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Diana (Cda)

How to put a browse pulldown for a box to hold a target filepath?

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I hope I can explain this without confusing things too much, I have a new script I created which I can dump a filepath into and then AI populates a search utility with that path.  But I'm finding that it would be much more helpful if there were a browse button beside that button so that I could choose instead to travel to the folder via AI itself rather than do it through Windows Explorer and copying the path and then coming back to the script and dumping it there.

But I've come to realize that I've never done this before and my googles search aren't turning up relevant AI help in this regard, probably (I'm guessing) because I don't know what to call what I'm trying to do.  Guess it's one of those things everyone knows about so much that it's not mentioned (everyone but me knows about ... <g>).

What is this called when you add a button to navigate Windows Explorer that then takes the folder you select?

Thank you!!

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Hi Diana (Cda),

I expect what JohnOne suggested is exactly what you want.

I am a little surprised that you've never come across this, as you've made quite a few posts here.

I know it can happen though, well remembering my experience when looking for Titlecase many years ago, which turned out to be _Propercase, which some kindly persons told me here at the forum. I've never asked many questions here, but that was one of them. I believe they modified references in the Help file after that, if I remember correctly, because I had found StringUpper and StringLower, but neither had a reference to _Propercase.

Anyway, to get to the point.

I heartily recommend to you and others, that you regularly browse the Help file, like some do the Dictionary, which is far more boring.

It can be quite interesting to do this, and you can be quite surprised at what you discover, I still am all these years later.

Even if you just quickly go through all the function names, and perhaps look at those that intrigue you etc.

A quick browse of the function names in the File, Directory and Disk Management section of the Function Reference section of the Help file, should have turned up FileSelectFolder for you.

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