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Getting text from a label control in ie?

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Maybe its escaped me, but I cant figure out how to get say the value or text of a label is that updated say via javascript in IE.

For example, there is a page that lists the user who created a ticket.

Heres the html code of the label:

<span id="_ctl0_phMain_fvOrderDetails_lblCreator">randerson</span>

How do I get the value of 'randerson' for this? Doing a simple _IEPropertyGetValue doesnt work, and im obviously not understanding this one.

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Same here, I have solar controller that sends real time data via web. I want to read it with Autoit.

There is javascript beginning of html. I think data is in the variables when i look source. "RTDdata11" etc. How i can read it?

    <td height="28" align="center"><div align="right"><span class="STYLE8">Charge Power<span class="STYLE6">(W):</span></span></div></td>
    <td style="width: 107px" class="style1">
    <div id="RTData4" style="width: 93px" class="STYLE7">
    <td align="center" style="width: 283px"><div align="right"><span class="STYLE8">Remote Sensor Temp.(</span><span class="style4"><sup>o</sup></span><span class="STYLE6">C</span><span class="STYLE8">):</span></div></td>
    <td class="style1">
    <div id="RTData11" style="width: 93px" class="STYLE7">

IE9 W7

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