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Initial Workstation settings script?

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So I setup up multiple workstations for clients and would love to have something to automate the routine I do with every new workstation.

Here is what I would be looking for:

Set specific Internet Explorer Settings (Specifically IE 9)

Enable Remote Registry

Enable RDC

Disable Offline files (Sync Center)

Advanced sharing settings (turn on network discovery, turn on file and print sharing, User user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers)

Windows Firewall (check Remote Desktop Private and Public)

Change sleep option in Power options

Before doing those I would have manually turned off UAC and uninstalled IE 11 to get IE 9

If anyone can help me out with this that would be wonderful (if this is even possible)

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Why are you trying to script out all of these configuration changes instead of just configuring the machine the way you want, add a default profile, and then sysprep it? Much easier method.

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I agree with the above, you do everything once and then restore the image and your done. The key, is be sure eveything is covered and test a couple before your deployment so you don't have any surprises.

A lot of the items, if not all, you listed can be scripted. Are you aware, that Microsoft has blockers for IE 10 and IE 11 so they won't be installed through the Windows updates? :ermm:

If you're determined to use scripting, search Google for your listed items. :thumbsup:


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