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trying some simple clicks not work? (noob)

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MouseClick("left" 624, 375, 1,10) ;op app
MouseClick("left" [,680, 1113 [, click = 1 [speed = 10]]]) ;switch windows app
MouseClickDrag("left", 601, 960, 280, 960) ;close op app
MouseClick("left" [,576, 962 [, click = 1 [speed = 10]]]) ; root explorer
MouseClick("left" [,346, 196 [, click = 1 [speed = 10]]]) ; document main
when i run script get error:
line 2 
error:error in expression
im new to this try do a kinda like a marco, but will try to add more functions once i get some of the bassics down.. btw thats the sstart of the script not sure i need to start it some other way..

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You forgot the comma between "left" and 624.

Also in the rest of your code, the square brackets (meaning "[" and "]") in the helpfile indicate optional arguments. So a text like "Function _myFunction(arg1 [, arg2])" means that arg1 is necessary, and arg2 is optional.

So in the case of MouseClick, the helpfile states:

MouseClick ( "button" [, x, y [, clicks = 1 [, speed = 10]]] )

This means that you can do:



MouseClick("left", 10, 20) (note: x and y are on the same "level of optional" so to speak, you can choose to either not supply both or supply both)


MouseClick("left", 10, 20, 2) ("clicks = 1" as an argument means that if you do not specify it, it defaults to 1, in this case we do set it to 2)


MouseClick("left", 10, 20, 2, 5) (again, "speed = 10" means "default to 10 if not given as argument".)

Hope this makes it somewhat more clear.

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pdark1987, what kind of document are you trying to manipulate? I can almost guarantee there is an easier way than using Mouseclicks, which will only lead to headache :)

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thanks guys.got the the clicks to work. next question if i save a image has an bitmap image and want to click it at the x,y location when image loads? because sometime it take a bit longer to load cuz of the connections.. 

and also how can i start and stop a script cuz of sometimes when it misses and i want to stop it?

thanks for everything

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